Creative South was created as part of the Chamber of Commerce. A platform to connect the creative sector in Brabant and Limburg with the business world. To bring the organization to the attention, Creative South organized a competition among the members. Below the contribution of Captain Graphics!

The first idea was to make a series of posters that reflects the typical example of southern speech: the soft “G”. It is fraternized, connects and is a geographical landmark. But that is too short a turn. Instead, we emphasize the “Z” of South, as a sort of southern mis-spelling.


Campaign poster for Dezigner
Campaign posters for
Well, advertising is spicy expensive business. And you may wonder if a poster campaign like this will be that effective. Time for plan B: the best ideas are proverbial on the back of a beer mat. In addition, in the Burgundian southern states, quite a few business deals are settled in the hospitality industry: restaurants, cafés and coffee shops, you name it. The idea of ​​converting the Creative South logo to an adapted beer mat was born. Attention for the platform on the front, space for your own ideas on the back.

Sketch designs of beer mats in the shape of a magnifying glass.

Coffee cup on a Creative South coast coaster

Front and back of a beer mat in the shape of a creative south logo on a bar with ball pen scratches on the back.

Okay, I didn’t win the competition, it remains a great idea.

(The plug was pulled from Creative South in 2017. RIP, that’s all I say about it)